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[Career] [UI/Localization?] Motorhome text boxes not translated into (at least!) Japanese

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Platform: PC
Version: 1.18.2
Game Language: Japanese (Set through Steam)

System Region: Finland
System Language: Finnish
Language for non-Unicode programs: Japanese

The small text boxes that appear on the top left corner of the screen in the career's motorhome area (see below for image) are in English despite everything else in the game being set to Japanese.

Image of the text boxes, (Credit: Tiametmarduk)


Everything else in the game is in Japanese with the text in these boxes being an exception, so I don't think it's a localization issue. The voice lines are still in Japanese though even though the text in those boxes are in English.

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CONTROL+ENTER still immediately posts the thread. Now edited to be an actual report! Added higher quality image. Added more brackets to the thread title.

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This appears to be either an issue that has appeared in a patch, or that it only happens on F1 2019 versions which aren't in Japanese by default as I checked some old (June-October)(PC-PS4) let's plays that show the text boxes in Japanese.

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