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Frequent screen freezes

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On 6/12/2018 at 10:59 PM, Akkan74 said:

Try to switch on/off vsync and run the ingame benchmark. What does it say for min and max fps?

I getting the same issue but now in F1 2019 too.

Every race there is 2-3 little screen freeze other than that the game is butter smooth so weird... the freeze last like 0.2-0.3sec but it's really annyoing.

I get 160-170 avg fps in the benchmarks (high settings). (have a gsync monitor,rtx 2060 so it's not my hardware)

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Hey! I moved the new comments to the Technical Assistance forums as an old report for F1 2018 with no solution may not be relevant enough for this new one 🙂 

Remember if you get the issues fixed, post here and we'll update the thread with some stuff including a "solved" tag that you can also apply yoursel!

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