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Wipers - what am I doing wrong?

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So I'm loving this game but I really struggle when it comes to rain and loosing too much time.

So the wipers seem to switch on when starting a stage and I'm holding the hand-brake. As soon as i start the stage and release the hand-brake they switch off or at least go onto an intermittent cycle. The intermittent cycle seems to come on too late for me and I'm faced with a wall of water on my windscreen and no vision so I have to press the assigned button about 100 times through out the stage which is kind of stupid and I struggle to change gears and do the wipers, its like trying to rub your tummy and pat your head.

Is there no way I can just have the wipers ON? Just like a normal car.

Ideally I want to choose between having them 1/ on - fast 2/ on - slow 3/ on - intermittent 4/ off.

Am i doing it wrong or is there something I've missed?

I've tried both auto and manual wipers and they are both just as frustrating and make no sense to me

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I just read this somewhere else... is it really this simple?

Hold the assigned wiper button down to turn them on or off. Press it to change the speed.



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