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Fanatec ClubSport v1.5 shifter issue


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I start with the shifter properly configured in the Fanatec shifter control panel and it works normal in pCARS2, ACC and Rfactor 2. I then go to GRID (2019) and I configure the shifter in the game applying the preset option for the Fanatec Clubsport USB shifter (I have the USB version) and I verify that it applied “bindings” for the shifter but when I race 1st gear is mapped to Reverse and 2nd flickers between 1st and 2nd (its going between 1 and 2 really fast) so I unbind everything for the shifter and I manually bind the gears and when I race Reverse is mapped to 1st, 1st is 1st and 2nd flickers between 1st and 2nd just like I mentioned before. When I exit the game and I go to the Fanatec shifter control panel it tells me that 1st gear is Reverse and 2nd flickers between 1st and 2nd as it does while in the game. I've verified the game files, reinstalled the shifter and I tried another USB port but it makes no difference. The PC is up to date and the shifters firmware is at the latest version. After I play GRID I have to go to the Fanatec shifter control panel and re-calibrate the shifter so it will work in other games.

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