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The Terminal Damage Screen is Confusing

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this is just a simple UI thing, but it needs clarification, in my opinion.

basically, the staff upgrade for your Co-Driver (Phil Mills in English version) allows you to send your car to the next service station in the event after you get terminal damage. an example of the screen is below. for me, there are a few problems with it:

  • the phrasing of the question (especially using the word "return") gives the impression you'll be sent back to the service area before the stage you just broke your car on, allowing you to try the same stage again. 
  • it needs to be made clear that selecting "Yes" will give you a DNF for this stage, as well as all remaining stages before the next service station - and this action cannot be undone.
  • it also needs to be made clear that selecting "No" will send you to the end of stage menu, where you can either Restart the stage (if possible) or Retire to the end of th Event (as well as see the Replay, Quit to Main Menu, etc)

and in case you were wondering, yes, I'm just a bit salty because I've known how this screen works for at least 6 months, but selected Yes by accident because the instructions were unclear and thus I basically ruined a whole championship for myself in career mode.


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Sounds like a valid comment to me; I'd get confused if it says "return". I don't think I've had this option yet though (I don't play much normal career mode).

The simplest option is to just change the text in the screen above, as you suggested.

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