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Specific Car Selection for online club events

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Apologies if this has been raised before.

I’m an admin for a historic only racing club (the latest cars we use are the 2001 focus, Impreza, and 206 and anything before). In November we ran a 5 day RAC rally using the H2 rwd class. Each country represented an area of the UK eg Wales was wales, New England was the North of England and Poland was Scotland and Germany was the ‘Micky mouse’ day 1 stages. 10 stages a day and if you retired on any day you were out of the event completely. 

The event was a great success and for 2020 we’re thinking of using Group B in a similar format. What we be great would be if we could could pick all homoglated cars from that era. So, obviously Group B 4wd, but also the Group B rwd ( as the Manta 400s are such an iconic part of British rallying) and other cars such as the Ascona 400 which would have still been eligible to complete. 

in essence it would be great if we could pick and choose the cars we want to run in a championship rather than being confined to one class.  This would also work where we hold one day sprints were everyone has to use the same car.


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