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Thank you

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We have spent a lot of time on here complaining about a lot of things in this game.  I have be guilty of it, and I will probably complain about something in the future.  However, I want the thank Codemaster support.  I raced all season with one goal; be in the Gold Tier at the end of the 2019 Championship Event.  I did it.  BUT.... When I went to open my phone last night to collect my reward, it glitched and restarted (as usual) and lost my rewards.  I sent several not kind messages to the support team.  I got more mad every time I raced someone with the black and silver car last night.  But lo and behold, I woke up this morning and they had restored my rewards.  I even got to open them the proper way.  Thank you Codemaster Support for promptly responding to my issue and solving it so fast.  This really is a great game.  I spend way too much time on it, and I probably will in 2020.  See all of you next year! and if you wreck into me, I will come for you lol.  Happy New Year!!!!

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