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F1 2019 - DRS sign at wrong place (Silverstone)


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I've just noticed something when I was driving around with Classic Cars around Silverstone. The DRS sign on the Hangar Straight is still on the old place, whereas the DRS-line is at the correct place.

This has only occured to me when driving with Classic Cars (in Time Trial, Grand Prix as well as Unranked Multiplayer) so I'm guessing in every mode. 

Platform: Xbox One

Version: 1.18

Mode: (in these screenshots) Time Trial

Car: Ferrari F10 (Classic Car)


Below you can see a) the DRS activation line at the right place and b) the DRS sign at the wrong place



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  • Administrator

Hi @ReimvomSchleim,

I've raised this onto the development team.

At the moment, as it is non-critical for the game experience, this is something that will not be updated for F1 2019. However, this will something that we will be looking to improve for future titles. 👍

Thanks again for the heads up.

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