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F1 2019 - Lobby crashes [Everyone in lobby with loading symbol]


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@BarryBL, This lobby was really bugged for some reason.

The issue: We just finished a race in Bahrain (Unranked lobby). At the end of the race results screen you could hear the usual countdown ticking down, but after that there was a blackscreen. Then I pressed the Xbox button and got back into the game (which you can´t see in the clip because it´s an Xbox Live clip). After that I saw the loading screen and got back into the lobby, but everybody else had a loading symbol and it said "Session running" Spain Lap 1/5. All of a sudden I got moved to the Spanish GP without doing anything and another black screen appeared. Again, after pressing the Xbox button, I immediately stood on the grid and the race was about to start. But I wasn´t even onboard with myself (I was ReimvomSchleim in P10, just on the right) I was onboard with another driver in  a Mercedes, who I couldn´t control tho. After the lights went out, I got kicked out of the session saying "The session you want to participate in isn´t available anymore"

Platform I´m on: Xbox One

Game version: 1.18

Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked

How many players?: 16 players + 0 AI

Lead up to problem: Bahrain race ended, you can hear the countdown ticking down. After that a blackscreen appears and after pressing the Xbox button I get into the lobby screen.

Error message: "The session you want to participate in isn´t available anymore"

Accessoires: Xbox One Controller

Time stamps for clip below:

1:00 -> You can hear the countdown ticking down

1:06 -> Blackscreen starts

1:10 -> pressing the Xbox button (not visible in Xbox Live clip)

1:24 -> back in the lobby (other players loading)

1:33 -> loading to the Spanish GP (for 50 seconds)

2:24 -> next blackscreen

2:42 -> pressing Xbox button and going to the Spanish GP grid

2:51 -> getting kicked out of the session

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  • Administrator

Hi @ReimvomSchleim

This looks like the host left the lobby and disconnected from the session. The reason I can tell this is from 2:31 2 players left the session at the same time, looking like a disconnect. Also, on the grid, there is a red 'X' above P8's name, which mean they have been disconnected too.

Has this happened to you since this, with a lot of regularity at all?

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Thanks for the quick response Barry.

This hasn't happened to me ever since, at least not in this extreme scenario. What does happen a bit more regular tho is the first part of the clip where there is a blackscreen, I press the Xbox button and get back into the lobby with other people loading. But in most cases nothing happens after that and I can just leave the lobby. This was the first time it happened so extreme if I can say it that way😅

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  • Administrator

No worries, okay, to me, it sounds like a host migration issue.

If you do run into anything like this again, please feel free to post. Your bug reporting is excellent by the way, gives me all the information I need. Really helps me save time and get you an answer as quick as I can. Top stuff 👍

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