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[CRASH] F1 2017 randomly crash to desktop in multiplayer sessions


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i'm playing f1 2017 from about 6 months with my friends without any problem. Today when i enter my friends lobby the game crash to desktop after some seconds. Also if i enter during a started session the game crash to desktop after some minutes in the next session. i haven't change anything from the last gp. i only installed the new nvidia dirvers.

i tried to reinstall the game, change the install directory...everything.

From today every time i try to enter a loddy the game crash to desktop.

Please help me we are doing an online championship from 6 months.

I'm sending attached the dx diag and the crash dump.



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56 minutes ago, Tribius said:


thank you

Here is the latest UEFI BIOS (there are loads of fixes, unfortunately uCode (still contains 0x19) is not one of them but the list is exhaustive)



 1. Enhance compatibility with some M.2 device.
 2. Improve System performance.
 3. Improve System stabilty.
 4. Fix card reader KCR-318 hang POST issue.
 5. Implement 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors code *Full support of the new CPU requires necessary driver updates.
 6. Enhance the compatibility with some CPU Fans
 7. Support ASUS USB 3.1 PCIE add-on card.
 8. Support NVMe.
 9. Support new CPUs.
10. Improve system stability.

Due to the fact that this is a .CAP (encapsulated UEFI BIOS) I cannot modify it as it can't be simply flashed like the link above (you must use ASUS Flashback for a modded .CAP image).

But the patch will continue to work as is and may eventually be rolled into newer versions of W10 (I have not tested v2004 yet, so I don't know if the uCode update is included).

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