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stuck in spectator mode in multiplayer...

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Has anyone else had this issue? I'm trying to play multiplayer (and dealing with all the other issues that cone with that) but tonight's new issue is that, when a new session starts, I'm forced into spectator mode, watching myself. This happens in 5 lap races, and occurs in qualifying and races. Anyone else dealt with this and know a fix?

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Problem is still on!! It`s because my thrustmaster T300 RS don`t work with F1 2019 on PS4??!! I can play with my analog joystick but not with my wheel!!?? latest firmware and updates helps nothing??!!! and all that when I host and try to play with my

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Hey! Glad you got it fixed! I moved this to the Technical Assistance forums and marked your post as "solved" so that others can use this information 🙂 

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