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foveated rendering for every VR headset

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To further make VR more stable, i suggest enabling foveated rendering for every headset.

Actual view where our eyes can move is about 90degrees of view, this is potenteally an area which is only needed to render sharply. So to render 90degrees sharply on all headsets is enough, this would lead huge fps benefit for all headsets which fov is lager than 90, most of have 110 fov, pimax would benefit this most having 200degree fov.

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14 hours ago, fillipfilloppe said:

you can do this in oculus debug tool. 

I just had a check and its called "distortion curvature". Does it work with all gpus? Whats the difference between high and low? What decide how much the pixel density is in the middle? If it really works and works good im surprised this isnt talked about more since its awesome if done right!


i googled a little bit and seems like this is not for cv1 and rift s?

Update: I tried and it does not do anything on cv1

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