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F1 2019 - Error Code HO163.8804.


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@BarryBL this issue happened just yesterday evening whilst playing F1 2019 Unranked lobbies. We just finished a 5 lap race at Japan, when we got back into the lobby. The host then left (he had 1 bar connection) somebody else became the host. But as it seems, another player just above me got kicked, before I also got kicked by the game out of the session with the error code HO163.8804.

A short description of the problem: After a race, we got back into the lobby. After the host left, another player and me (don´t know about the others) got kicked out of the lobby

Platform: Xbox One

Game version: Multiplayer - Unranked

Players and AI: 6 players + 0 AI

Lead up: The host left the lobby whilst in the lobby screen

Error mesage: HO163.8804.

Accessoires: Xbox One Controller

Attaching a 30 second clip down here:

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