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[FEATURE] - Dirt Rally, Arcade or Sim. What you prefer ?

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Codemaster, Yesterday I tried Dirt Rally, full of hope, to see future no.1 rally sim. The potential is there, but the game needs much much improvement in ffb and physics. I played almost all sims out there and you need to focus on these two things.  Look how great success assetto corsa occured. This is due to great feeling of a car, very realistic physics and fantastic ffb. On this stage, Dirt Rally sufferes for me mostly from lack of car inertia. There is very little or none mass transfer. Just please try real sims out there (Assetto Corsa, iRacing, RaceRoom Experience, rFactor) and you will know the difference. Dirt Rally with physics , ffb from AC and I am all in!! For now, I still prefer to run some rwd car on modded track like lake louise on assetto.
Please dont mess it up. Go into right direction. Community is waiting for rally sim. I really hope you will manage to do it. Good luck.

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