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Can we have some logic behind the career mode events calendar?

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So I’m doing a career championship in Rally and it starts off in NZ - it’s mostly sunny and the roads are sandy coloured so it has to be sometime between Sep-April. Being round 1 lets say it’s March-April.

Round 2 is Argentina, also in the southern hemisphere but the season isn’t that clearly defined - could be anything other than a winter rally. Lets say round 2 is April-May.

Round 3 is Wales. It can be sunny and dry, or wet and almost wintery if you consider the ‘sunset’ time of day kinda looks like the low sun of winter. But in this instance it was mainly sunny and dry plus a few stages with rainfall. Could be any time between May-June, maybe later but we wouldn’t want such a big gap between rounds 2 and 3 do we?

Then comes round 4, probably middle of the summer. And where is round 4 of this championship? Sweden. Of course, it’s an unusually snowy August in Värmland this year.

No. OK maybe this is a ‘winter season’ so it runs from September to about April. So it went: NZ-Sep; Arg-Oct; Wales-Oct (would have been too sunny to be Nov); Sweden-Nov/Dec/Jan maybe??? What’s round 5? Finland. Brilliant. Even further north and the snow has disappeared.

Until we get Project Cars 2 style variable weather and seasons (🤞🏻) can we get each of the locations semi-fixed in terms of a time of year based on their current weather conditions, for the sake of realism?

This is by no means perfect but here’s a suggestion:

Monte Carlo: Nov-March

Sweden: Nov-April

Spain: Oct-April

NZ: Sep-April

Argentina: Oct-May

New England: Sep-Nov

Germany: April-Oct

Wales: March-Nov

Australia: Sep-March

Poland: March-Sep

Finland: May-Sep

Greece: any time of year

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