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Dirt Rally 3.0 wish: Temp local save all replays

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Often you want to save a replay to view or show off later but you only get the one chance to watch or record it. Sometimes you don't get to check a replay even once (like online rallies).

It'd be cool if the last N replays were temp-saved to disk (where N could be a user setting, maybe storage space), then cycled out of existence as new replays were created, where the user could:

  1. View their temp- or perma-saved replays while they still exist
  2. Permanently save whichever they like
  3. Instantly start a race on any highlighted replay, using that replay as a ghost (for non-rallycross replays)
  4. Instantly start a race on any currently-viewed replay, using that replay as a ghost (for non-rallycross replays)

Fortnite is a good example of points 1 and 2.


I imagine it's too big a request for DR2 so it's a DR3 wish. 




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