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F1 2020 Request: Please add Live Season Updates

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Live Season updates, that gradually and timely reflect and represent real life data for teams and drivers as well as HUD overlays etc., is one of the biggest features missing in Codemasters "official F1 franchise".




-If for example Mercedes start to be the 4th best team in Australia 2020 and become the 2nd best team in Hungary 2020 that should be reflected in the game accordingly.


-If for example Ricciardo is outperforming his teammate Ocon and even his Renault car to place it where it should not be, consistent P5 - P8 places, then that should be reflected and represented in the game accordingly.


-If teams have new sponsor placements on their car, for example McLaren decide to put the logitech logo on the Halo in the middle of the season even though it was on the sidepod before etc., then that should be reflected and represented in the game accordingly.


-If the top teams are doing 1:15 flat around Spain and are able to make most of their time in the corners with insane amount of downforce levels and therefore crazy cornering speeds and in the game even the top E-Sports guys are not able to do the same laptimes or even hit accurate cornering speeds compared to real life (1 second off the pace, Turn 9 of Spain not taken flatout in the game etc.), then your car handling and downforce models are quite off, that should be changed so the real life car performance will be accurately reflected and represented in the game accordingly (at least one "car / team / driver performance update" every 2 - 4 GP's should suffice).


-If the season is over, analyze all tracks, teams, drivers and car performances, compile all data and create a final update patch that will give us the Abu Dhabi spec of every part of the whole season to reflect and represent the sport in the game realistically.


-If certain kerbs, DRS Zones or even Blackboxes are positioned or placed differently to your expectations, then that should be changed in the game as soon as possible to accurately reflect and represent the track models to their real life counterparts.


-If the official HUD gets small updates in real life, it should be accurately represented in the game accordingly (you gave us the official Fonts in F1 2019, now please give us the full fledged official HUD at last!).


[[[For career mode these performance updates do not have be applied (a on/off switch for updates in career mode is enough), but for GP mode, time trial mode, online mode, league mode, championship mode etc., it is vital to have accurate car/team/driver performance data, else the game fails to accurately represent real life]]]


All of this should be common sense and a standard feature in a "officially licenced product", it should be paramount to take extra effort into accurately representing the sport and to take measures in development to fix it all during the lifetime of the game.


Shame, we still do no have any of this, in 2020.


Codemasters, now is your time to show us that you care about your community / customers and that the "official F1 licence" means anything to you other than generating cash.


Don't fail us.









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Hi @TheEmpireWasRight

Thanks for your feedback,

Although this is not something that is in process for F1 2019 (as I believe I've mentioned on another post somewhere), new updates and features are heavily discussed with our development team for future titles. 

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@TheEmpireWasRighthey man some cool suggestions there. I got a feeling regular love updates will never actually happen though because every change to a released game has the potential to break it or cause unwanted behaviors (bugs!). Your suggestions would be better implemented whenever an official patch came out as a matter of procedure. As in EVERY time a major patch is released the dev team check the status of real-life teams /drivers as compared to the in game ones and make updates to reflect this. 

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