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Dirt Rally 2.0 Rev Limiter Spectator Mode Sound Bug

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Hi Devs!

I'm sure some of you followed the Dirt Rally 2.0 World Series Event,  and there was one issue with the spectator mode that was very noticeable for all the viewers. I ask that for a moment you focus your attention at the sound bug that is present when the car revs are at red line and consequently the game, while on spectator mode, plays the rev limiter sound constantly during the whole red line rev range. You will easily identify this issue if you watch any of the stages broadcasted but here is a timestamp anyways, please follow this run and listen to the sound ( I can guarantee you these players are not rev limiting this much ever during their runs ).




Why is this Important?

For the game to be enjoyed by viewers we must fix these broadcast issues and annoyances. This way we have a better end result in terms of Production. These little things help captivate people to watch and follow not only your events but the community events as well! 




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