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[XBOX] ASR league looking for drivers

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Welcome to ASR We are an Xbox based league organisation looking to have fun & clean racing.


We race on the following days all race starts at 7.30 GMT (UK time):

Monday- This is a 50% league with short qualifying. (limited spaces left)

Wednesday- This is a F2 league so will have one 25% race with a sprint race as part of the original F2 format.

Saturday- This is F1 2x 25% races so if you like fast paced action then this is the league for you with double races each week with as the league progresses the change of promotion and relegation!

What do we offer? 

We offer a community chat where drivers can chat and organise practice sessions as well as general gaming chats.

We offer a league based system based on the F1 & F2 points systems.

We offer a stewarding pannel where incase of an incident will be reviewed.


What do we want from you?

To  respect other drivers

To race hard, but fair and clean!

To follow the rules of our league as well as our general rules.


This this is for you then click on the discord link below and then join our league by signing up! Season not long to start so if you want your place best get in quick! 




ASR Team

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Better take down the spreadsheet you nicked, you know thats not allowed.

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Update on this 

Monday 0 Space left but are looking for reserve drivers

Wednesday 6 Spaces left

Saturday 7 Spaces left.

Don't forget if you want to find out more information feel free to join ther ASR discord server on the link in the main post above! 

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