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Spectating from a lobby does the opposite of what players expect it to do.

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So you're in a lobby waiting for other players to finish their race before you can join in the custom championship. 

While you wait you see there's a Spectate option when highlighting any player. You select it but nothing happens, except for the game telling you you've entered Spectate Mode. You can toggle this Spectate Mode on and off and you wonder what is happening. 

Ok, whatever. Finally the other racers finish, everyone returns to the lobby and the next race loads in. You finally get to race but.. wait, that's not your car. And you realise that NOW you're spectating. Not when you were stuck in the lobby with nothing to do, but now, when you could actually be racing instead. And now you have to wait for the others to do the whole race without you.



So could the game instead either:

1. [ Simple approach ] When you choose to spectate someone from the lobby, the track loads and you start spectating them then and there. When the race finishes, add a prompt to ask the player if they wish to remain in Spectate Mode.


2. [ Least work ] At least change the text from "Entered Spectate Mode" to "Spectating next race" or something that's clear about what is actually happening.


3. [ Advanced approach ] When you join a lobby and the other players are already in a race, automatically load the race if any player is less than 80% through. Also load the lobby as usual, and replace the background visuals in the lobby with the race, live. Use the same blurred background process as replays/outros/etc. Add an option to toggle between lobby overlay and cleared-screen, live spectating. Still also keep the current Spectate-Mode feature as it works now (while still considering the text change suggested above in point 2).


Players would feel like Option 3 is very cool, and it avoids extra mucking around with options/modes. Tune your car, jump straight into spectating. Or spectate, recognise the track's elements, and jump straight to tuning.


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