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I can't Play multiplayer

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ich can't Play multiplayer in F1 2019, because when I go in a lobby, then my game is lagging and I can't speak in the party because it is also lagging but in other games it is not lagging. It begin when I join a lobby. Only in F1 2019. It change from nö problems in red, only ingame not in the lobby. Only when im driving.

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Hi @Piablooo, please tell the people at Codies a bit more about your problem, so they can try to replicate and identify the issue as well: 

Filling out the below would certainly help:


A short description of the problem:

Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam):

Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner):

Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc):

If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?

What happened in the lead up to the problem?

If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving:

Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc):

If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears:

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