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GRID 2019 - Live League Setup

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Hi Everyone 

:classic_blush:Firstly I am noticing a very low player count on GRID 2019 PC version:classic_blush:



In the hope of bringing back a strong grid community just like in 2008.. *remaster it please!*

I would like to set up a LIVE championship series.


Now with the current player count on pc specifically this is just not possible and unless in my opinion they revert ALL aspects of the current game back to Racedriver: GRID (remastered) I really can not see this becoming the hype it all once had. I am not sure on the player count for the PS4, so if anyone has a live link for it, that would be awesome!



This is my idea of what I propose (future additions/changes possible):-

  1. Monday, Wednesday & Friday - qualifying rounds (only need to attend for 1 of the 3 qualifying days).
  2. Qualifying is based on 10 hot laps (fastest lap will be used).
  3. If you do not attend any of the qualifying days, you will be automatically put to the back of the grid for that same 'Official' Race Day week.
  4. Saturday - 'Official' Race day (F1 scoring system).
  5. After the 4th 'Official' Race Day, the 'season' will finish. top 3 from division 2 or lower will be promoted, bottom 3 from Division 1 to the 2nd to last Division will be relegated.
  6. Division league system (Div. 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on).
  7. 16 racers per division.
  8. Damage is visible only, terminal damage is disabled & standing start. I would much rather have collisions disabled but I can not seem to find that anywhere in the new GRID. (prevents those upset racers mid race taking idiotic revenge).
  9. All classes will be used. will be different class each week.
  10. Times of qualifying and race day is GMT-0.
  11. A community discord will be made, here is where you need to be, apply on the discord to enter into the league system. a timed lap will be needed from a choice of 3 classes and tracks, to judge on which division to start you in.






This will start out on PC but I will be buying the PS4 version soon (currently have the PC version), this will expand onto console as long as there is respectable interest in this.


I got to be honest I would absolutely love it if this game could get the changes the community want/need made, get the HUGE HYPE back and start competing hard with each other. This league system I propose is legit with full intent but only time will be spent putting words into action if I feel there is enough interest.


There is highly likely going to be more points to lay out regarding rules, what to do and how the competition will pan out, But currently 1 to 10 is what I have thought of over last couple of days.


I would like to point out that the schedule may seem demanding but this idea is based on people who can only commit a few hours a week. I work 7-5 Monday to Friday.



Reply if you are interested/like the idea and have any ideas yourself that you feel may be a good contribution/change. I am fully aware this is likely to not happen for quite a while if ever at all, due to the low interest/player count in the game.

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I would recommend actually not only to you but to all of us, meaning our GRID community, to make some kind of petition to Codemasters, which would tell them that they should make 'Racedriver GRID' remastered. My theory is that if we all start showing that we are not interested in 'GRID (2019)' anymore and we want new GRID [again], Codies will stop working on the current game after 3 Seasons, which are about to be released and this will increase the chance of developing new GRID game (remaster of 'GR1D' strictly recommended). At least I hope so. Some players have already posted topics, in which they wrote about remastering '1'.

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You think they would continue to work after season 3 on a game that have no more than 150 active players on steam (dont know about other platforms, but reading comments from console players, its dead space too)?

RD GRID Remastered (with renewed licences and working multiplayer as original) would be epic move before they decide to create a new game.

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No way i would pay full price for a remaster of 2008, i might for a TOCA race driver 3 since they would have to do more work on it. Grid 2008 doesn't need a lot of work done cause it has all the basics done.

Just add another 6-10 tracks for 2019 & then work on a remaster of RD3 or grid 2008.

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I've been playing on xbox , an the most I've seen is 1 lobby with 9 people in 😯 its dire , they've tried but it's to late for this game .

An what's with the handling of the cars now 🤔 ..

I agree with you guys bring back Racedriver Grid remastered 🤩😎👍that'll be awesome 

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