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Colin McRae DiRT (2007) Causing Unexpected System Crashes

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Hey DiRT fans!

I've come to the forums not so much seeking assistance, but more so to share and discuss this odd problem that I have encountered exclusively with this game. I understand this is an old game by now, so I don't exactly expect any official support from Codemasters, or any quick 'fix' for it. I simply want to understand it better.


The problem:
My copy of Colin McRae DiRT (platinum version released in 2010) is causing my PlayStation 3 (2009 SLIM model) to crash immediately upon booting it.


Both the disc and console appear to be in good condition, and no other game in my collection is causing this - hence why I find it so odd.

At first, I thought some of the game data might be corrupt, however, the game is entirely disc based, and it doesn't require any installation into the PS3's HDD - also deleted my save file, but no joy.
I tried booting the game whilst the console is disconnected from the internet, and even set the date manually just in case this was some sort of DRM bug.


Both the console and game are the latest available version, and I have never 'tinkered' with either of them. Acquiring another copy of the game is no problem, so this is not really a loss for me. I'm simply curious as to what is causing it to crash, and why is this the only game that I own doing it - could it be disc degradation?

Let me know what are your thoughts on this.

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