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Daily Event Bug - reproduced inlcuding procedures


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Hi everyone,

so today I tried some things to cause the daily event bug where you cannot participate in said event. And I succeeded^^.

€dit: Well, managed to get the error again today. I updated the steps to reproduce.
€dit2: Did it again, the procedures are even simpler
€dit3: It seems now that you do not have to drive anything. And the error already occurs after a restart of the game.

Steps to reproduce the error:
  • Start DiRT Rally
  • just go to online events, DON'T need to select details and select "details" on daily event, do not start the daily event
  • Go to to custom/individual event and drive one track (doesn't matter which country, you don't need to finish) to the end same tack with the same car from the daily event (not sure if you have to have the same weather conditions)
  • During race pause game and select "save and exit" / if your game crashes during a race it will trigger the same thing
  • Exit DiRT Rally
  • Start DiRT Rally again
  • Try to do the daily event. It should not work and you will get "closed stages 0/1" or something like that
Will try this tomorrow again. These steps are not 100%. The next day everything will be fine again. I will post an update tomorrow when I try this again.

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Tried it again with the new daily event. The procedures are even simpler.

Just look at the daily event once, drive a custom event with the daily event car - doesn't matter which track, don't need to finish. Restart DiRT Rally and boom :D

I'm glad I can help :). Love the game!
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does not seem to be related to the car for me. Here is what I did:
1.went straight to online to get my reward for yesterdays daily
2.returned to main menu and closed the game
3.restarted game (later)
4.bought bmw m3
5.went to online again and claimed my reward for yesterdays daily again (bug?) dont know exactly if I actually received the bonus 2 times, but I'm pretty sure I did.
6.played career with bmw m3 in clubman (2 events)
7.wanted to play the daily but couldn't

So i didnt drive the ford fiesta at all and still cant do the daily. drove it afterwards (2:39 ftr :smile: )
Had the bug one other time already. Pretty sure I closed the game before trying to do the event that time, so that seems to cause it but there must be some other cause as well, since I often close the game once before doing the daily.

I had the #ThatCar which can be seen in the 2nd screenshot the first time I couldn't do the daily. This time my screen looks like the first screen.
I play the English version of the game.
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Maybe even the new patch changed something. It seems to me that after you looked at the online event (the game downloads the online information) you must not restart the game.

And for the reward coming a second time:
The game only saves after a race. So the first time your profile just was not saved. But you can save manually under "profile/driver details" or something. Had the same thing yesterday.
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