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Just to say: Well done


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I am a demanding PC sim driver but find Dirt Rally to be an extremely promising title.  I applaud you for sticking to your vision of a rally sports sim rather than a rally-themed action game (which, let's face it, is the way Codemasters often goes) and even though I understand the issues concerning FFB, I think the cars handle "honestly" in terms of realism and the competition against the clock is realistic and compelling.  I think the co-driver AI is very good indeed and do not share any of the misgivings about it.

My biggest beef is the use of steering wheel button commands in the UI.  Most G27 users have not memorised the 20 or so button numbers on their wheel and shifter and this method of navigating the UI is counter-intuitive for anyone who uses a mouse, and clumsy.

On a minor note, I hope you get this site sorted out.  The FAQ is not a FAQ (I am not quite sure what it is) and I am baffled by the fact that there seems to be no dedicated Dirt Rally discussion forum, just a Dirt games forum that is currently dominated by Dirt Rally threads.

Anyway, if you guys stick to your vision and work to improve what is already in place, this sim is a keeper for me.  It's unique and very well designed and executed.  (Apart from the UI.)
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