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PS4 | TN eSports: Project Blueprint | No-assists (Plenty of seats)

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What is Project Blueprint?

The Trans-Nation eSports have decided to separate drivers that use assists from those who don’t use assists and create a bracket for them both to partake in. Drastically changing the number of tiers required from 6 to 12, however still retaining 6 tiers for each division. Confusing? Let’s look at it in finer detail.

Currently the Trans-Nation eSports has 5 operating tiers. It wanted to make 6 operating tiers to be complete. These tiers currently make up the following

TNF1 – No Assists
TNF2 – No Assists
TNF3 – Assists
TNF4 – Assists
TNF5 – Assists
TNF6 – Not applicable but would have been Assists

As of Season 6 the divisions will be made up of the no-assist groups which retain the tags of TNF1/2/3/4/5/6 and the assist group will adorn a new title called TNA1/2/3/4/5/6.

This system has been put in place to not only increase our league numbers by double on both PS4/XBOX and PC front but also to devoid the stems of wanting to be in the top tier by pace not by assists. This still does it, however it does mean those with assists and pace will be the top of their tier now, no longer the third tier of what we have currently in place for Season 5.

How do I enter?

Pretty straight forward, this is the ‘No-Assist’ division registration so you must be able to at least run all the assists off other than racing line of which we permit at least until drivers of good speed/performance can arrive that don’t use it to which the top tier would return to having it off.

We want as many no-assist drivers of any pace/performance/consistency imaginable to join us from any stretch of the globe. The time frames are all once again based on the 9am and 11am NZDT time frame on Sundays (New Zealand) To avoid too much confusion when you join fill out the registration form and we can from there tell you the converted race times/days for you to take part in.

To join just follow this link: https://discord.gg/Xy5FtBr

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To give you an idea of what we want to see for our no-assist divisions we are looking for drivers that are capable of achieving these times on these tracks in our top tier.

Australia - 1:19.500/1:20.400
Spain - 1:16.500/1:18.400
Austria: 1:03.500/1:04.400
Singapore: 1:34.000/1:34.900
Abu Dhabi: 1:33.500/1:34.400

Anything under this would be swinging more towards our 2nd tier and so on and so forth.

So if you think you are among this pace and want to try your hand against our World championship class drivers in the Trans-Nation eSports then join today and secure your place in our no-assist division bracket to get racing right away! 

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Sorry for the lack of activity on this, been away for a much needed holiday. 

Still grabbing interest for the no-assist division as some drivers have now made it into actual tier placements due to droppings of drivers for various reasons

So come in while you still have time and join a league of clean, fair and respectable drivers! 

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