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Track length info

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Hello World of Grid players.

My concern is for the PS4 version of the game but maybe other platform have the same "issue", even though I'm not really sure it is an issue.

When the track is loading before the race, the panel with the track info states a number of kilometers. Is it the length of the track, or the length of the race? I assumed it was the length of the race because it was always more than a couple of hundreds kilometers, but it seems it's the length of the track? Maybe with decimal separator missing somewhere?

For example, Paris - New York Avenue is displayed at 529 km, whether the race is 1, 30 or 99 laps. Shouldn't it be like "5.29 km" or "5,29 km" ? I'll take a screenshot to show you what I'm talking about, might be easier to understand.

But, anyway, any idea?

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