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Doc - Multi-Input Device System for GRID on PC


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Hey all,

Here's something cool for PC players who are either using racing wheels for GRID, or interested in doing so. Attached is an overview of the Multi-Input Device System for GRID, giving you all the details you need on how to best set up your kit. 

This system has been assisted by feedback from players of previous Codemasters games, and includes extremely rare options like unsupported device configuration, and the ability to utilise multi-device support, meaning you can pair devices from different manufacturers. With GRID's balance of accessibility and challenge, combined with this input system, we believe GRID is the ideal title for PC gamers looking to get into racing peripherals.

Shout-out to the brilliant team who've worked on this doc, who've strived not only to create system that's industry-leading, but also put together a guide like this to help players wrap their head around it. 🙂

Here's the system overview from our team: 


'Recently, Codemasters has added support for multiple, independently configured, input devices to allow for a whole suite of different controllers to be use at the same time. With GRID (2019) the system has been extended, and we’ve added some quality of life additions.

'The system still supports the ability to connect or store information on up to 15 separate USB devices at once and have multiple instances of the same device type, allowing different actions to be bound on the different instances (e.g. two identical sequential shifters with one being used as a handbrake).

'Also, you can now configure deadzones and saturation to individual axis, and view device and game input from the main configuration screen, making it easier to find and eliminate problems.

'The following document will outline the functionality available to configure these devices from within the in-game menus or device configuration XMLs for hardware manufactures and enthusiasts.'

Multi-Input Device System for GRID (2019) - PC.docx

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On 1/29/2020 at 8:08 AM, Ak1504 said:

They introduced this with DR. 2.0 and changed the game logos and screens to Grid 2019 ones in the guide ^^

The GRID guide is more comprehensive 🙂 


Also, the guide first existed in DiRT 4.

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