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Good Morning from Alamogordo, New Mexico... [where?!!!]


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I won't play the "soft card" exclaiming I am 74 and please... please... help, yet, it is what it is... Reality!

Obviously long Life, half of it in Europe, mainly France and Switzerland with stunts in Africa and a couple other Continents. This here is my now resting place!... A semi idle Life...

From 1966 on, starting with a 66 Austin Cooper 1500cc SS, it was many "amateur" Rallies. You probably don't know about John Cooper who was winning many of those races with a similar car. I still have one!... yes, here! Long story short, after much implanted hardware in company of my spine, new shiny hips, those racing days are over... Only spirited driving up the near by Mountains now on the many miles of twisted paved roads. No ticket yet!

Formula One has always been my favorite and as I am staring at an X Box One X with a nice curved monitor and Bose speakers and even a wheel with pedals I am excited to "learn" this new hobby of mine. Honestly, I am not doing so well!... and of course I crashed a few times... while also physically strangely enough got dizzy! I did not expect that .Being pretty much computer illiterate I surprised myself setting it all up with no other help than "You Tube"! 

I am looking forward to exchange thoughts, ideas and ask questions to this community as of course I am already "not finding some answers"... to this amazing "so real" game.

Have a wonderful day... be kind and share...


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