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Race win bug?

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Was running one of the career events this evening. Three laps at Silverstone in the Dumont 37. 

qualified 2nd and went back and forth with my teammate for the lead several times. He ended up wrecking us both on the last lap. I had enough time to reel in the leader but could only manage to get to his back bumper by the end of the race. 

I still ended up getting credited for the win even though I clearly finished behind someone. What makes it even more strange is my total race time was .10 of a second quicker than the guy I finished behind. Which I guess explains why I was credited with the win but it didn’t show any penalties or anything of that nature, so I’m not sure how I finished the race in less time than the guy that finished in front of me. 

anyone else experienced this before?

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Hey 🙂 

- We had a couple of similar reports to this last year, and squashed a couple of bugs to eradicate it. The chances are it's something to do with the timing system, and may be tied to a specific track/car/scenario 

- We'll need a little more information to investigate this further - please use the guide we have for submitting bugs, which should give us the info needed to look into it: 

Thanks 🙂


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