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Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack


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17,570 GB update will be quickly downloaded by my connection in 56 hours approximately. I love my internet connection. It still somehow manages to work when I'm watching lessons online even though I'm falling asleep, but the Impreza S4 it can't download. 

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Probably best for me to point out that, to get the download speeds I did, you need fibre and a network adaptor capable of picking up 802.11ac on 5Ghz. My network adapter is an Asus AC56. A lot of internal ones such as those in laptops and smart TV's can get 5Ghz but it's only 802.11n. BT Smarthubs have 802.11ac and 802.11n. Check with your provider what your hub is capable of.

Hope my controller charges soon, I want to get some settings in and get going!

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1 hour ago, carpa said:

17,570 GB update will be quickly downloaded by my connection in 56 hours approximately. I love my internet connection. It still somehow manages to work when I'm watching lessons online even though I'm falling asleep, but the Impreza S4 it can't download. 

For Playstation 4 I was shown at 11 a.m. 4 hours download, the download took 3 hours 30 minutes

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On PS4 works fine. 


But on the side note. 

Been playing WRC 8 for a week now, and damn it Codemasters, why all the Foggy graphics?!?! the game looks like a dream sequence! 


Also Scotland looks and is boring. 


 *Give all the thumbs down you want, you know im right. 

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12 minutes ago, gleylancer571 said:

For Playstation 4 I was shown at 11 a.m. 4 hours download, the download took 3 hours 30 minutes


Probably would have taken me longer than that had I still had the old speeds, till recently my max was 485 kbs.

Anyhow, just had a quick blast through Rockton Plains in Australia with my S4 set up as per GTR's video, and I smashed more fences and mirrors than I did my PB! That's probably more down to me than it is GTR as, unlike the majority of you, I've been playing other games since the CM pack was announced so I'm horrendously out of practice! I'll have another bash later on and see how I go. That said, now I know what the download speed is on Steam for me, I'm going to get Red Dead Redemption 2 tonight and that is a 150gb download!

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I have to correct the legacy sound is not too loud.

No matter which car you drive in Scotland the engine sound is always too loud and so loud that the co-driver is very, very difficult to hear.

That is only in Scotland
I played 500 hours of Dirt Rally 2.0 last year and never had any problems with the volume
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My early impressions!

Warning: Spoilerish and somewhat negative.
I've only had 2 or 3 runs over each of the new tracks, and have only toyed about in the first tier of the new challenges (they're tough for me), so my thoughts could easily change in a few days.

I'm gonna write this as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly... in reverse.

The Ugly

Sadly, Scotland's stages are probably the ugliest in DR2.0 in my opinion. A handful of things jumped out at me:

  • The stages are very, very low on visual pop.
    --- Saturation in general is really low, and it feels very odd to witness in the same game that dazzles you with Australia's and USA's prettiness. This single point is the hardest for me personally and sadly really sucks down the enjoyment for me.
    --- The background is very repetitive, so many pine trees lining the horizon, and while I know this the case in many stages and really is just the way it is, in Scotland I was really feeling it. I actually got a very strong vibe of WRC 8 while driving DR2's Scotland, and I didn't like that vibe because WRC 8 really looks like butt at times.
    --- One thing WRC 8 does excel at over Dirt Rally 2.0 is the use of visual landmarks in its stages, and DR2's Scotland really suffers for the lack of them. I know all DR2's stages have the same issue, but Scotland is already struggling (badly) with visual pop, as well as looking a little too similar to Wales, so my guess at the moment is that the lack of landmarks hits Scotland harder. Early impressions though, I will admit. Maybe this thought will change in time. I'll extend that comment to all my visual comments: it's an early impression.
  • The fog is a thing unfortunately and in my opinion does edge over the line of not really being acceptable. I'd say day stages in Scotland are 2nd only to Finland in terms of foggy visual annoyance. It looks better in other times of day at least but - as with Finland - I still wish CM had given us some more graphics options to deal with it. 
  • Visual similarity to Wales. Honestly I thought this would be my biggest problem with Scotland but sadly the previous issues bother me much more. And obviously Wales and Scotland are very close to each other so it's not a surprise, but it still is what it is: a little samey in looks (but at least feels decently different to drive).
  • The actual track edges jumped out at me as being a bit too crisp and defined, always. I find it hard to believe the real tracks in Scotland have such crisp edges. This is a minor complaint though; it just felt a little odd.

There are 1 or 2 lines of Mills' new speech that just drop out completely in audible volume. I feel like they need to be fixed.

The Bad

It seemed a bit too much hype for 1 location, 2 cars, and a mode that is ultimately just some extra tick-boxes on a set of single player rallies. Honestly, I think this overhyped impression is the result of a year of CM remastering older stages (which I have no problem with) then having to build a completely new stage. The greater time required to build the new stage is the reality, but to the consumer it feels disproportionate.

I don't find the new challenges to be worth much since, in terms of gameplay, they offer very little that you can't already do, much better, elsewhere in the game. You're still ultimately trying to complete each stage you're given as fast as you can. The only changes from what I've seen so far are that some stages also have limits on the damage you must finish or start with.

That's not a lot to grab the player's interest, when the player could instead go to Custom or Time Trial and set up the exact same stages and cars. Or any stage, car, weather, time of day, online or offline or with ghosts and most of all: against actual humans.

Or you can lose all that just to get the odd damage restriction on a preset stage against some preset times. I find it disappointing not just because it's so low on creativity and playful mix-ups, but also because while I agree with the approach taken here of not actually building new content for the mode, the devs still could have been creative in that approach but they weren't.

Saying that in other words: they could have produced something more playful with the same approach of adding interface-only features without building new content. AI ghosts, time-lag challenges, cross-class challenges, single-split challenges, etc., are all fun ideas without needing new content. The new challenges feel like not only was the cost minimised, but so was creative effort, just to pad out the DLC.

I doubt I'll complete the new challenges, since for the most part they're just offline races against meaningless AI times. I'd rather spend my time doing the same and more against humans.

The Good

I really liked the flow of the new Scotland stages. Curves and turns come at you quite frequently, but there are only a few actually heavy corners to deal with on each stage (which I also find fun). So the level of curvy-ness is pretty low in general, and overall the Scottish stages let you keep a nice pace while having lots of chances to pull of some nice slides and drifts. The surface is pretty consistent and reliable throughout; next to no camber anywhere and the gravel feels constant. Then there's the narrowness of the track. The way that narrow track contains you, while the surface stays really reliable and the turns keep coming with frequent but moderate attacks... it all fits together really well and makes a fun drive that really felt right to me. (I use a controller btw.)

So topology-wise, I was quite happy with the new stages. Though they are very punishing if you slip off the track at all or even just bump something; there are very, very few places where you'll actually get away with any screwup and manage to hold onto any sort of speed. It's not like bumping off rock walls in Australia or cutting through grass in USA or Poland.

Overall I'd say Scotland is like a timid Wales when you're on the track, but completely forget-it when you're not.

I also really liked the new comments Mills has for the new stages. "Very big crest", "neat", "short and tight"... I'm pretty sure I haven't heard him say "nunty" before either (Ninety hehe). It was fun to hear all these.

It's also nice that Scotland's arrived with the proper range of weather and time of day options out of the box. No waiting for that.

Oh yeah, and this! (Ie., note the Global filter is on. :classic_laugh: )




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The new content added in 1.13 has made my game borderline unplayable on original Xbox One

I updated and installed the Mcrae pack in the same manner as I have done for every other update since launch

Tried the first scenario in Mcrae mode, on very hard (91%), completed the stage, passed the objective, and pressing continue at the end caused the game to crash to dashboard

Restarted the game and tried again, exact same outcome

Powered off console, even unplugging power lead for 30secs, and restarted

Tried again, same outcome

Restarted again and switched to medium difficulty (70%), same outcome

Restarted again and tried the Peugeot 205 scenario, on medium (70%), same outcome; crash to dashboard upon continuing after stage completion

Restarted again and successfully completed the My Team daily stage (205 in Scotland, great stage by the way!) as normal

Tried the Subaru S4 daily (Australia), and pressing continue after the stage caused a crash to dashboard as well

Restarted and thankfully my time was still logged

Started the Group-A Weekly (9stages Scotland), using the new Legacy. Have completed the first 3 stages, but each time pressing continue after the stage caused a game crash. Thankfully progress is being logged, but restarting the game after every stage is hardly ideal

I cannot complete any Mcrae scenario as the game crashes and progress is not saved

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