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Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack


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If this is the final DLC then all I can say is thank you to Codemasters for creating such a masterpiece. Its given me hours and hours of fun (and frustration!). Most Iconic rally cars are featured and the dev really have listened to the community feedback

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I'm being nervuous that @PJTierney didn't deny it's the final DLC. If it is, then I really regreat. New rally content for DR 2.0 would be extraordinary and really desirable. I'd buy it just as it comes, as I did in season 3 despite being recycled. However if it's true, than thank you Codies for Dirt Rally 2.0 - it already gave me great moments and I'm pretty pretty sure it will give me more in future too.

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4 hours ago, BPUltimate said:

hey @PJTierney, My preorder got messed up ages ago so i didnt get any dlc, if i purchase the seasons post release of the flat out pack will i still get the flat out pack free?


Yes, it'll be part of the entitlements for any Season.


1 hour ago, bigburt82 said:

This is awesome @PJTierney - thank you so much guys!! 

Can I just ask, will there be new achievements with this DLC?

See here:

58 minutes ago, fbetes said:


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4 minutes ago, Jack4688 said:

@PJTierney what’s the price gonna be for non-season purchasers like myself? Is it worth me buying one of the seasons now (well, after payday) just to get that extra content on top of the Flat Out pack, or should i just hang on until March to buy it on its own?

Still TBC.

I believe it'll be less than a Season upgrade, so I'd recommend if you find a Season bundle on sale to pick that up, play the extra content and then get Colin for free 🙂 

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1 hour ago, kombajnkoszoncy said:

This trailer will be giving me huge impression for long time. This is just absolutely revelation. 


or, "This is just a revelation."


33 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

@PJTierney is this all what's coming to Flat Out Pack? i have filling there will be some suprise in pack? it would be nice to have unlockig special liveries (if not Martini than Blue Focus with white ford symbol) from McRae challange 🙂  

edit : photo of doable livery


yaaaa the 01 Focus really needs more liveries! that white base one isn't great, and the others are meh. for that matter, the 07 one could do with another 😞

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Hello everyone

Are the achievements for this DLC (which looks great) in final form? The DLC should have a lot more. :classic_wink: I'm really interested how the achievements are getting figured out for the DLCs. Usually with the last dlc of any game, it has a nice round number at the end, not like here (1585) which I (personally) don't like. A nice round 1600 would have looked cleaner. I thought this company looks after this small imperfection. Maybe foreshadowing more in the future? :classic_wink:

Thank You

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@PJTierneyYou might want to tell the devs that the trailer have the wrong wheels for the Impreza WRC98

Here the real snow ones (on Kankunen car in 99), the five-spokes on your trailers were used mostly on the snow-only stages of the Monte Carlo(at least on the WRC97, since the WRC98 was not ready at the time for the Monte Carlo and Sweden 1998), and the 6-spokes wheels were used on the WRC97 for the Swedish Rally.


Here the gravel one (6 spokes seems to be more on the WRC97, and for the WRC98 they switched to the one in the photo)

And as a bonus, here are the asphalt wheels (taken at the San Remo rally according to ewrc) :

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I did a little research, just as i did with the locations the last time, although i could have made quite some mistakes this time.

I kinda checked the amount of WRC/2000cc cars. I only added the Lancer Evo VI for obvious reasons.
(A) stands for Group A,
(N) for Group N, and
(S) for Street


Although i could have added three group N cars for DiRT 2, there were no WRC/2000cc cars or class in that game. So it felt a bit pointless to add them in the list.

Despite all the WRC/2000cc cars in DR2.0 are all payable DLC, it has the biggest amount of cars of all games with 9, which is more than double the average, especially if you not count the Group N replacement cars.

Interestingly (and imo) CMR 2.0 follows with a great line-up of 6 cars. The difference with it, is that all those 6 cars are from the same era, as in DiRT 2.0 they are from a wide range of years. I think on that aspect CMR 2.0 scores better.


Talking about era/timelines. The cars in DR2.0 competed official in which years:

Some interesting points:
- This really shows that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI belongs to the 2000cc class.
- You could really say that there are two eras of WRC/2000cc in DR2.0. One around the millenium, and one at the end of the 00's.
- A lot people said the S4 (S5) Impreza not has enough friend to play with, but if the Lancer would be added to the class, than it has 3 friends.
- On the other side, the Fabia has almost no friends in the mid 00's era. Actually the game lacks of mid 00's WRC cars. The game could really use f.e. the Focus (2003-2005), the Impreza (2003-2005), the Xsara (2001-2006), the Peugeot 307 WRC (2004-2005) and/or the Lancer (WRC04/WRC05)


More WRC/2000cc cars?

I think for now it not will happen, though i see the potential of a WRC history game. I don't know if it is difficult to get the license from WRC for this 1997-2010 era.

But for more WRC cars in the future there might be potential, depending on relationship with manufacturers and things like that.
- Ford Escort WRC. The Group A version is already there, so the base is ready. I don't know if the car would need a lot of work to be converted into WRC spec. Licensing shouldn't be the most difficult with Ford.
- Ford Focus WRC (2003-2005). Similar story as with the Escort, as the 2001 could be potentially used as an base. But it would need a lot of more work.

- Mitsubishi Lancer WRC. Interesting though, there have always been Mitsubishis in the game, but always Group N and A spec cars if I am correct. If one will come, probably it would be need to build from scratch.
- Peugeot 307 WRC. I wouldn't say impossible, but would possible also need to be build again from scratch (it was in CMR DiRT, don't know how usefull that still could be).
- SEAT Cordoba WRC. I also would say it isn't impossible, also with the kitcar and a RX Supercar in the game. But again, fully scratch build. 
- Skoda Octavia WRC. Long time it seemed that Skoda would be impossible to join, but in DR2.0 the Fabia R5 and WRC arrived suprisingly. If that means the Octavia will come in the future aswell?
- Subaru Impreza (03-05 & 06-07). They would need to be scratch made aswell. Licensing should also not be the biggest problem with all the Subaru already in the game.

- Citroën Xsara WRC. Seems difficult, the licensing seems pretty hard. Who knows it might got easier now that Citroën stept out of WRC. It is actually the only real WRC car that is missing in the game in which Colin has competed active with on the WRC stages)
- Hyundai Accent WRC. Hyundai seems not possible for now to license.
- Toyota Corolla WRC. Seems also not to happen that Toyota would make a return due to history.
- Suzuki SX4 WRC. I have no idea.


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I have to admit the work that has gone into dirt rally 2.0 is magical, 

2 of the finest games ever to grace us lowly console guys is the brilliant project cars 2 and dirt rally 2,0,

just a huge shame that f12019 didn't get same attention, 

big thanks,


only thing I don't understand is codemasters list of games now includes my personal favourite Pcars 2 ,

that game was released 2017 and although codemasters bought the excellent SMS from the genius Ian ding dong bell ,that seems Pcars 2 is the only game that interested codemasters,

does this mean that codemasters are going flat out to produce Pcars 3,

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23 hours ago, Jack4688 said:

No Peugeot 307 CC WRC please, that belongs in the speedboat class

Speedboat? More like barge! :classic_laugh:

I'd say this is a fitting swansong for DiRT Rally 2.0: and possibly the last DiRT game on this platform? Can't wait to get that S4 S5 on stage. :classic_wink:

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Also I’ve noticed in the screenshots of the forthcoming 98 wrc car that the steering wheel has the yellow centre ring, I know it’s only a small thing but iam open to correcting but I’ve never seen Colin McRae have had that on any of his steering wheels on any of his rally cars,l throughout his career, the 2001 Ford Focus has the same thing which it shouldn’t have. 



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