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[F1 2019]- AI levels of aggression

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One of the cars hits mine during the start, and it's been a long time, because F1 2019 is more aggressive than F1 2018.

F1 2019 AI in offline mode is more aggressive, including very often one of the cars hits mine, takes my car off the track at the start, following the course of the start naturally, and even sends a warning: "You caused a collision com ... "This is very annoying.
I have already sent screenshots and videos to the Steam forum, knowing that there is a member of the Codemaster developer team there. I don't know why my screenshots and videos are deleted from the Steam forum.
After months I decided to post here for Codemaster to fix this annoying problem.
If F1 2020 continues with these problems I will not buy the Codemaster F1 anymore.

Please, Codemaster fix this problem.

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Even though I have some nice little battles with the Ai, from what I can tell is they lack some general awareness in some scenarios. Sometimes they abruptly close of space that is not theirs and if you don't get out of harms way you are done for the day. I like aggressive Ai as I do not like Ai that drive around single file and like a train, however I believe for a developer it is always that ongoing quest to find the right balance between aggression, intelligence and realism. I do not underestimate the complexity of this task. 

What concerns me more is the collision model. It is alarming when I have been hit in the rear by the Ai and the front wing fails. This type behavior should be on the list for development.  

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Hi @edsonnery5 and @Coanda,

I've edited the title to make something a little more precise. I've also moved this to 'Technical Assistance' for now as this is a game performance related query.

If you would like to report a problem, please complete the below information. We need this to replicate any issues so I can pass them to the Developers to investigate. Regards your issue, comparisons between the two in very similar situations would be important. 

  • Description of the problem:
  • Platform: 
  • Game version:
  • Game mode:
  • Players:
  • Lead up to problem: 
  • Can you replicate the issue?

Please note on this subject, the AI was designed to more responsive and reactive to situations on track. If you feel there are repeat, erratic incidents in-game, please post a video onto this thread.

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51 minutes ago, ridefree77 said:

Problem is when they take you out YOU are given the penalty & damage and not them.

I have this same feeling when i race and in battle with the AI. I am only wondering if Codemasters would do anything to fix this with F1 2019, because i am not sure if we will receive any patch left for F1 2019..


@BarryBL maybe you can let us know with all the extra provided issues like SC, VSC, AI issue as above etc, if we still will receive any patch for F1 2019 or is it closed? 

And I don't know if anyone did mention that if you are in Practise programme and you cross the Speedtrap, the text on screen on the right above corner will get mixer up with the speed trap and the Practise programme info? Let me know so I know if i can let Codemasters know with an bug report with a picture.

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