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(PC) FSR at 9PM (UK time) (Friday Saturday Racing) All assists. Wanting a lot of drivers. New league

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Hello Drivers!
FSR is starting our first exciting season! We are an open competitive league for everyone who enjoys fair and nice racing! If you like to get a foot in league racing, we are a great place to start!
Our potenital first race in our first season will be on the 7th of February!
- A friendly community
- 25% Races + 18 Min. Qualifiying
- All assists are allowed
- A referee consisting the admins (unless the incident involves an admin then we would go to a thrid party referee)
- 16 Races!
- We will be using real F1 Cars to avoid issues in the pits.
- The continous effort to improve our rules, racing and presentation
Feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/tuvgpRs
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