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Project cars 2

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I've noticed that project cars 2 is now included as a official codemasters game , 

which is strange considering Pcars 2 was made a long time before codemasters bought SMS developers,

doe this mean codemasters has bought the rights to Pcars 2 ,

reason I asked, if you've included it in your codemasters line of games are there any plans with pcars2 ,. 

The amount of my time selling Pcars2 on codemasters forum and I got my wish for codemasters to buy that game .

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i guess in buying studio they also get the rights of the of the project cars series which are assets of SMS but before SMS was brought project cars 3 was in development

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What I don't understand is it's the only game PCARS2 that codemasters now list as there own,

they havnt listed any other games from SMS ,

maybe codemasters see the massive potential in Pcars 3, 

my only hope is they don't change direction for Pcars3 as that would kill it off,

we all wanted a true sim in Pcars2 and Ian bell and his great team delivered, I just hope codemasters invest in mr bell and Pcars 3 ,because Ian bell is a sim genius,

Its hard to believe that game is almost 3 years old and not any other game has come close on the console ps4,

i have assetto corsa on the PC which is great but assetto corsa on ps4 is only half a game,

imagine what SMS could do with F1 ,

dirt rally 1 was great but dirt rally 2.0 is now 100x times better then 1st game,

point being codemasters have the team now to produce potentially some of best sim racing games on consoles and PC .


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