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Hi, I reset my racenet data to start from 0 again.

I want to buy only new cars, but in last 4 days havenť H1, H2, H3 and Gr. A and B cars new.. Only used 😞 

Can i buy older cars as new? With 0 km on speedometer? I choosing that one with the lowest number on speedometer 😄 


Thanks you for responding :))

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no. cars from before about 2005 are only available to buy used.

at the moment, the only way of getting them with 0km is if they were given to you for free in the game after getting them as DLC (or the 5 free cars gift for Deluxe Preorders).

until a few months ago, used cars' km driven would reset to 0 when you bought them, but the devs changed that.

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