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GRID Season 2 Coming February 12 – Track Day Supercars


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  • Codemasters Staff

Hey team – we’ve kept you waiting long enough to find out what’s coming to Season 2 for GRID, so let’s jump straight in, shall we?

GRID’s next slate of post-launch content takes things up a gear, with Season 2 and the Track Day Supercars pack, launching February 12 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Six new cars, built for both beauty and speed, drop into GRID, alongside another Career mode expansion and the addition of a world-renowned circuit. Ultimate Edition players receive the full slate of content, and there’s plenty of additions that are free for all players, too.

So, let’s take a look at what’s coming next to GRID…

Track Day Supercars – Four New Cars


Season 2’s line-up of new cars is a stunning selection of exotic, powerful, ground-breaking machines, crafted by the world’s most famous manufacturers.

Ultimate Edition players receive access to the Ferrari FXX, Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro, Brabham BT62, and the Pagani Zonda Revolución. In Multiplayer, the Pagani Zonda will be available to race as a loan car for all players.

B622-1024x576.jpg FXX1-1024x576.jpg PGZ1-1024x576.jpg AM1-1024x576.jpg

Two Bonus Cars

But that’s not all – the Track Day Supercar pack includes two more cars, available to everyone. Good luck taming the Ferrari 599XX Evo, and the Ford GT Heritage Edition – two more automotive monsters that dominate both the road and the racetrack.

5991-1024x576.jpg GT1-1024x576.jpg

New Circuit: Red Bull Ring

We’re once again adding to GRID’s list of circuits in Season 2, with a venue that’s been a staple of world motorsport championships for 50 years. This is Austria, and this is the Red Bull Ring.

RBR3-1024x576.jpg RBR9-1024x576.jpg RBR8-1024x576.jpg RBR5-1024x576.jpg

With its relatively unchanged layout since 1996, the Red Bull Ring is known for creating dramatic racing, with huge braking zones and overtaking opportunities galore. Find the uphill apex at the Niki Lauda Curve, soar up the mountainside, and dare to brake later than the rest into the intimidating Turn 2.

Infield, shorter, and reverse routes of the Red Bull Ring are also included, with each route playable in all weather conditions. The new circuit is available to all GRID players in Career, Free Play, and Multiplayer.

New Career Expansion

Finally, Season 2 brings a further expansion to Career mode, with an extra 33 events using the Red Bull Ring and four Track Day Supercars. Ultimate Edition players can find the events in the new tab, from the Career menu. Experience our hand-picked selection of races, with two new threads, fresh Showdown events, and the latest Ravenwest Motorsport challenge.


As always, with a new season for GRID comes more technical improvements and community-requested additions. The headline in this area for Season 2 is the option to extend the length of races in Career mode – full details on this addition, available for all players, is on the Codemasters Forums. This follows the recent free addition of Session Search to Multiplayer – a public lobbies system that allows players to search and enter sessions created by others.

Sound like enough to Get Your Heart Racing? Be a GRID Ultimate Edition player to receive not just all of Season 2 and the Track Day Supercars, but all Season 1 – Hot Hatch Showdown content, and any future additions to GRID. The Track Day Supercars pack, consisting of the four exclusive cars and 33 Career events, will also be available to purchase separately on the Steam, Xbox and Microsoft stores. Finally, Season 2 will also be coming to Google Stadia at a later date – follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on that and much more.

For now though, get ready for six new supercars, a world-famous circuit, and much more with Season 2 of GRID.


GT2-1024x576.jpg FXX2-1024x576.jpg PGZ1-1024x576.jpg B62-1024x576.jpg 5992-1024x576.jpg AM2-1024x576.jpg

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