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Team Performance in career mode

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Is performance in career mode really decisive?
After 4 years, Red Bull are now ranked 8th in performance, but in races they overtake everyone except ferrari and mercedes, making them the third best team.
Verstappen is still able to drive for the podium, better ranked teams like Haas (5th in season 4) still misses points in almost every race.

So how does performance works?

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from my experience the original top 3 teams seem to have a bit more performance than the other cars even if their lines on the R&D graph. But in the later seasons the driver makes the biggest impact and Verstappen seems to be the strongest driver after a couple of seasons. Half a second faster on average than Vettel whilst in the same car. Next season Grosjean swaps with Verstappen and even though the car performances have stayed the same since they are all maxed out Grosjean struggles to score any points in the car that Verstappen dominated in the previous and Verstappen is now dominating again in the car the Grosjean struggled to score points in the previous season.


I hope this makes sense.

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