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What i wish for next CM Rally game

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Hi, this is my first Topic, and if it goes wrong than it will be the last :)         Edit: its second topic , first was ps4 DLC problem

DR 2.0 was a great game, but it had flaws too, most negative for myself was simple campaign, it felt so flat..

I think V-Rally 3 had Great Career Mode, with Next Gen Games. it would look Awesome to have something in that way, the F-1 style would be to much, but team presentation, team goal. Dynamic Task, Teammate, Team goals (for example if your teammate is better in Season ,they tell you via Radio to let him win during race so He can win championship, or they tell you to drive slower and don't risk so you earn points for Team Championship).. that would be Awesome.

Sponsors similar to Dirt 4, just for longer time?

second part are liveries, BIG LETDOWN. i Hoped for returning from Dirt 4. it was not great but with few new pattern it would do..

So write Your most important Things for next Game:

my list- *Deeper Career Mode (to drive for Existing Team, or create Your own)

            *Teammate- compete for Team Championship

            *unlocking Liveries or Cars, so we have motivation to play more             

            *Livery editor (Forza , or GTsport livery style would be ideal, so we can re-create every livery without licence fee for CM)

             * Dynamic Weather

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I think the career could have been increased to 9 rallies per season. I hate some of the locations in this game so some rotation in the rallies each season would still be appreciated. Also some of them are quite clearly set in a particular season so some rules to when rallies happen would be welcome i.e. don’t start with Sweden then have another snowy round, Monte Carlo, as round 4 - it just doesn’t make sense - or New England is obviously set in Autumn so coming at the beginning of the season also doesn’t make sense. This could be sorted if the next game has all manner of seasons available at each location as per Project Cars 2.

I’d like the career mode to offer some kind of privateer/works driver situation. So you start off in something cheap like an old 205 (not a priceless classic like a Fulvia!) and once you do a rally or two with minimal money start to get sponsors. You can go only so far as a privateer, buying or renting your cars and if a works team offers you a contract then you don’t have to worry about money so much anymore. But perhaps don’t want the team to fire you for crashing all the time 😁

If there were ways of making a domestic series you start your career in before going up to European, then World Championship that would be great too. At the moment we only have Wales and Scotland or Finland and Sweden to make it feel like a domestic championship, but you could always pretend one location is called something else - I do a custom championship where Baumholder plays the part of Epynt in Wales for my UK championship for example.

I think some locations would lend themselves to being ‘re-surfaced’ as new rallies i.e. Värmland without snow, Baumholder but with gravel and Argolis with tarmac. Change a few things like the colour of the gravel, the thickness and tree type in the forest and it would feel a bit different to just ‘Poland with tarmac’ or ‘Spain with gravel’ etc. People would moan and demand it be free but I wouldn’t mind and think it would be pretty cool.

Also if you could do a few local rallies alongside your regular season when you have a free weekend (and the cash to do it) would add to the realism.

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