This would be a relative easy creation of extra stages. I know not everyone will like these stages as it is on a F1 track, but I think it can be a new different experience for people. The Monza track is already made for the F1 games, so a lot of the fundaments are there. I only don't know how detailed Codemasters has the old oval track and surroundings of that. That might be a point of attention, together with the license of Monza Autodromo and the Monza Rally Show. More info about the Monza Rally Show: At 2019 there were 5 "different" stages in 2019 “Autodromo” SS1 & SS6   “Roccolo” SS2 & SS7   “Gran Prix” SS3 & SS5   “Parabolica” SS4   “Monza” SS8 There seem no video about it   There is more info about the stages here:        Next to that there is a Masters Show, this is a Head 2 Head competition