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JRX Rallycross league on PS4

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JRX (JRC Rallycross) is looking for more drivers to compete in a new season of JRX on PS4. We organize two rounds in a row every week for five weeks when we know who the Drivers’ and Team champions are. If you are interested in clean and hard racing, this is a league for you.


Races are held on Sundays starting at 16:00 GMT with the first full event. After the first full event we will have a little break before tackling the second event of the day. Altogether the races will last a little bit over an hour.




Format will be the base format that the game has that includes 4 heats, semi-finals and a final. We use a custom-made point system for the races where you can get points from your overall position after heats, semi-finals and final. The game has a limit of 8 players in the lobby which limits the number of participants for each round but we expect that everyone can't do every round so there should be room for everybody.


In JRX everyone gets to choose their own livery from the 2019 Supercars that is the car class we use. With individual liveries for drivers and teams everyone is recognizable on the track. Everyone is required to only use 1 car and teams can have 2 drivers in them during the season.


Join your Discord where we manage the league if you are interested and if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Discord link: https://discordapp.com/invite/AG8xPYG

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