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Forum Plans & Improvements

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Hi everyone,

We have a few plans and ideas for the forums this year, that are slowly taking place. I'm going to add news and developments here, for new users and old, to see the improvements (hopefully) and differences we are trying to make. Some might well be large, some more detailed changes, but we're hoping that these will improve the usability of the forums for everyone.

A key objective for Codemasters on the forums for this year is to improve the facility for you to report issues with your experience of the F1 series. We would like our reports to be as efficient as possible, so we can get busy replicating, diagnosing and fixing problems. So far, our latest additions are:

  1.  'Recommended'- Solved a problem? Expect myself or the moderators to be adding the best answers to the top of the page. Our aim is to get the best information to people quicker, without them having to dig throughout a thread to find a possible solution. If you see a post that helped you, or is especially helpful, tag us into the post and we can review and add it to the top of the page.
  2. 'Deep Dive Patch Notes' - Not as such a development, but an important improvement. Due to the great feedback from the 1.20 patch, we are committed to adding 'Deep Dive' patch notes whenever we can. It may not be possible in some instances (for things like small 'hotfixes' for example), but we want to continue to give you more information on the key changes to our games whenever we can.
  3.  *NEW* 'Tagging'- After review, the tagging system currently in place is very up for interpretation and confusing for the user. Moving forward, Codemasters staff and Moderators will be tagging threads and posts under the same format guidelines, helping you search and find important posts to you quicker.

This is part of our plan this year to make the forums easier to navigate and a more enjoyable place to be. If you have any forum-specific ideas to improve usability, contact me in PM's to run it by me. Ideas on this so far, and more that are being discussed, have been from our F1 Moderators @UP100 and @1512marcel as well as valued members such as @steviejay69 especially. Any idea is welcome and valued 👍

Happy Racing 🏎️


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