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tyres. Wet, dry

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One question is like an answer to please.  What type of tyres is the game  modelled on in historic class?

In the 80's and early 90's full slicks were still in use on FIA rallies. A full slick (smooth) tyre would  be basically useless in the wet especially standing water, but actually surprisingly grippy still if you can get some heat in them. Although in reality a few cuts with the tyre cutter would make them very  useable in a mixed conditions loop. We obviously can't do that in the game.

So is a full dry tyre in the game on the  historic cars running on historically correct slick dry tyres or are these "historic" cars running as "historics" but  in present times in the game and on current regulation modern moulded (treaded) dry tyres? As full slicks are no longer allowed under present FIA regs. 

The grip levels offered on wet stages with the dry tyre in the game don't seem to be relative to modern moulded with a tread pattern dry tyres, which do actually work exceptionally well in wet conditions, while in the game the dry tyres may as well be driving on ice. 

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