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[PS4] PSGL looking for drivers on Monday, Saturday & Sunday 8pm UK

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Welcome to the 25th season of PSGL’s Formula One leagues. After another successful two seasons on F1 2019, PSGL moves into its third and final season on F1 2019.
PSGL is all about the community, it always has been. It’s about making YOU the driver and gamer welcome, happy and looking forward to racing on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday evening. The site has continued to build a reputation for being one of the best communities for league racing - whether you use assists or not, there is a place for you in our leagues. Many of the drivers in our leagues have raced with us for multiple seasons, many back to the first Codemasters F1 release. We feel this is a testament to the drivers we have and the relationships that have been built.

And with 12 years hosting leagues on PlayStation, the community is our key ethos. So join us and enjoy your racing and gaming with like-minded people.
PSGL is one of the leading leagues on PS4, home to some of the fastest and best league racers round. From eSports qualifiers to drivers racing in the top tiers of many of our competitors - such as Apex Online Racing - PSGL is the best place to race and the true home to Monday night league racing on PS4.
Key Dates
February 16 - Current season (S24 finishes)
February 17-22 - S25 Evaluation Races
February 24-25 - Placements Announced
Round 1: Bahrain
Round 2: Australia
Round 3: France
Round 4: Canada
Round 5: Austria
Round 6: Britain
Round 7: Germany
Round 8: Belgium
Round 9: Italy
Round 10: Brazil
Our leagues

For Season 25, the league structure and start dates will be as follows:

F1 - Monday, 8pm / March 9
F2 - Monday, 7pm / March 9
F3 - Sunday, 8pm / March 8
F4 - Sunday, 8pm March 8
F5 - Saturday, 8pm / March 7
F6 - Thursday, 8pm / March 5
FP (Realistic cars) - Tuesday, 8pm / March 3

Note: Depending on interest and numbers, we may run more leagues if required and thus the structure and names would change. 

How do you sign up to PSGL?
Simply to sign up to PSGL, you must join our Discord server: https://www.playstationgl.com/discord
On arrival, you will get instructions via a DM on how to sign up to our leagues.
We hope to see some of you racing in PSGL in the very near future for Season 25. 
If there's any issues or queries, reply to this thread or DM me on Twitter, my @ is @BigC_019 or ask one or one of my team on Discord.
PSGL F1 League Director

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