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DiRT: Showdown


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On 5/3/2020 at 11:27 AM, Racer6981 said:

If I started the game soon, would I be able to get all the achievements? I noticed there are some partially unobtainable achievements over on trueachievements.com

Careful with the online section:

my VIP code provided in the game sold (in new condition!) has expired, so unless you're willing to buy the game/online pass twice (which I wouldn't recommend since the online is pretty much dead anyway), you're screwed.

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Has Dirt Showdown finally been removed from the playstation network? I tried to play last night and recieved the following error: "You're not connected. You must be signed into the playstation network. Make sure you're signed in and you're connection is ok". Despite this message all my PS3's ARE signed into the playstation network. 

Someone help 😞



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