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Algorithm's Uneven Use of Stages in My Team - Finland

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I'm finding that about 60-65% of the stages the algorithm for My Team produces in Finland are on the Kontinjarvi/Hamelahti route, and far fewer are on the Kakaristo/Pitkajarvi one.

additionally, not a single stage in the Community Events section in the events that include Finland (namely, the current R5 weekly and F2 Monthly) are either Kakaristo or Pitkajarvi.

When I had Finland in career (not the case any more, unfortunately) it was the same. Also, there seems to never be any rain or wet surface, but that could just be me.

I'm fairly certain there's something wrong with the algorithm. it's been a problem (though rectified now) in the past with most other locations.

  • you can test this Freeplay -> Custom Championships.
  • Choose Finland as location, it'll select a stage for stage one
  • select this stage, and go to Stage Options
  • choose Random Stage, then Accept.
  • I did this 50x. almost exactly 60% of the stages were Kontinjarvi/Hamelahti routes.


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