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F1 2019 [Xbox One] - Dark track in mirrors (night races)

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@BarryBL, when driving some fun races with my brother around Bahrain, I noticed something on the grid, which carried through to the race. When matching the mirrors (in Cockpit cam) the track surface was simply dark/black even with all the lights. This was also happening whilst racing (also visible in T-Cam and Offset T-Cam). This happened with Multiplayer cars as well as F1 2019 cars. Is this a bug or it is something that is supposed to be as it is (which would be weird imo)

-> will be attaching pictures of it happening in Bahrain, Monaco (night), Singapore as well as Abu Dhabi

Platform: Xbox One

Game version: 1.20

Game mode: Leagues - Multiplayer ; also Grand Prix - Singeplayer

Lead up: Driving on a track during the night

Accessoires: Xbox One Controller

Screenshots below:









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