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[FEATURE] In depth Online Team Management

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An idea i had which would add a whole other dimension to multiplayer especially league racing.

 Team Management feature: Enable simulation of teams for leagues where a player (driving or non driving) manages a team of 2 or 3 of the same cars(and same livery).
-Manager can offer contracts to drivers on the market straight away or invite them to a try out stage where they can view the onboard replay of the runs of their selected drivers, and choose the drivers who will be offered a race seat in one of their cars.
-Drivers enter themselves in the driver pool for the championship, can do tryouts for whoever invites them, and can choose to accept or decline any contract offers.
-Manager able to fire/hire drivers mid season should anyone consistently retiring or showing absence (but must prove a valid reason for doing this action).
-Some form of upgrades system for the team over a championship where progress is chosen by the manager, they could choose who gets the upgrades first and the upgrade focus of their development team. Service crews are also hired by him/her.
-Could even include completely controllable driver salary contracts in a budget system for the manager which includes driver pay, repairs, crew pay, development costs etc
-Include Driver numbers, whether chosen by every driver, or decided during setup of a league championship.

This idea would be quite a big feature to develop but i think it would add a hugely authentic element to the game that a lot of players would love.

Would you like to see this sort of feature made to add to the multi player capabilities?

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Great idea but would be a whole new game in a game. 

Like to see it,  but not holding my breath. 

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