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Vettels drive in Barcelona


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I was really impressed by our world champion at the weekend there, I only just saw the race when I got home and thought Sebastian Vettels drive from 15th to 4th was awesome. The overtake on Massa was brilliant and he showed the 2 Ferrari drivers how its done. its a pity the Bull cant compete with the Mercs it would be nice to see some close racing up front between more than two team-mates.

how on earth did he manage to get a faster lap than the Mercs? I know he done 1 more stop than them but still it was very impressive as always from Seb.

I know like on many other motorsport forums there is a lot of hate towards Vettel but please refrain from the abuse on here, lets talk about him in a mature manner with a little emphasis on the racing and not whether you think he is deserving of his 4 championships.

On another note its great to see Daniel Ricciardo doing so well in his first season, I think they will make an excellent team for years to come.

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There's already a thread for talking about Vettel :p The only thing I'll say is that he's deserving of 2 of his championships. 

As for Ricciardo, I'm very very impressed with him so far. His attitude, his pace, his always smiling face, he's turning into a star and it's great to see him up front. Whether it's in a Red Bull or not, I really hope he can net at least 1 WDC in his career :)
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