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What do we want from DiRT Rally 3 (if there's going to be one)?

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On 2/25/2020 at 3:18 PM, Janneman60 said:

I very disagree the wheather physics are fine. They are way off. Driving in cockpit view and heavy rain is much to difficult and with VR you cannot see anything throughvthe side windows which is compkete unrealistic.

The difference between cockpit view and for instance bonnet cam is with this physics so large that bonnet is the only option to go fast and that is just wrong.

Easy fix, no more exterior cams  😄  (okay side window visibility AFAIK is useful IRL in most instances except when the drivers cover the side windows with mud, so I generally agree with this)

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I hope Codies find a proper way to handle DLC cars... shame on them now we can't make custom liveries for DLC cars. Even a 037 which was presented in Dirt 4 before without any kind of encryption
Not hard to check Steam if  a user already bought and own a car or not, more interesting they should just pick up .PSSG files with textures only,  so i can't accept this kind of argument.

Let's see which kind of liveries has been released for Focus 2001? And one and only for S1 Quattro?
We want to create custom liveries for all the cars in the game without exception.

Let users open/close doors and roof / trunk in the service park
+1 vote for Photo mode.

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